Eat & Drink

The common feature of our culinary stops which is run by our Chef is prepared by using local and natural ingredients, have a professional kitchen team that cultivates in their own organic farm and have menus featuring slow cooked in a stone oven, on an open fire. Not only preparation and presenting but also the aftermath is important to us. Zero waste in the kitchen is our main goal. The best ingredients are used and the meal is cooked with utmost respect where exactly the trick of the taste comes from.

Yazz Restaurant has a mediterranean cuisine served all day long, features daily menu with greater exclusivity, as the restaurant is reserved for our guests during breakfast and dinner periods. Menus with slow food features, healty bowls, plenty of vegetables and fish dishes, pastas and many others. It has a wood oven built by a local craftsman, open fires, pleasantly crowded tables, a bar that embraces the place, a large wine cellar and its own unique cocktails crowned with fresh seasonal fruits and herbs.

In the other hand, Yazz Tavern is settled on the pier of Fethiye Beach where it keeps the intimate tavern culture alive and serves only in the evening, more of a shared menu of delicious mezze’s that accompanied by Rakı or Ouzo. The menu which constantly changes according to the season, what is grown in the farm and freshly caught fish. Lakerda, comb, melon, sun-dried octopus are the regulars of this table.


Yazz Collective

Only accessed by boat: Pınaraltı (Turunç Pınarı) Koyu / Fethiye / Muğla

36°36.800′ N – 29°3.200′ E