Perfect Hideaway

Your seaside heaven set on one of Fethiye’s iconic Cove’s, Turunç Pınarı that can only be accessed by boat is the destination filled with opportunities for culinary experiences, spiritual discoveries and relaxation. 

Beachside bliss, the wonderful shade of Turquoise where surrounded by the landscapes of Mediterranean and mountains of natural splendour, you will be experience on earth in pure bliss and absolute serenity. A perfect hideaway in an uncharted territory for those who enjoy finer things in life.

Untouched Nature

With its green architecture and eco-conscious approach you will experience this unearthed haven in purest form with a touch of luxury. Timeless settings by local and natural materials combined with modern and traditional feel designed very specifically to take advantage of the natural splendor. The soulfull concept of our design is sustainable and hand-in-hand with comfort and style. Our inspiration came from simplicity to create a collective space connect guests to the spirit of a place where nature has to offer.

The Conscious Culinary

Nature inspired cuisine with Mediterranean influences. Yazz Restaurant serves a well-considered menu that is simple and real in its purest, most honest form.

Our professional culinary team run by Chef Mustafa Otar take their inspiration from this productive region, representing areas seasonal ingredients through modern Turkish cuisine. The perfect blend of traditional preparations and modern presentation inspired by the natural ingredients of The Mediterranean.

Culinary Yazz Collective Restaurant

The elegant, timeless setting, highlighted by local material furnishings, copper lightings is every bit as inspiring as the cuisine. Stunning sea views from our both restaurants are as lively as ever, and so is the Mediterranean inspired cuisine which features ingredients from our extensive organic farm.

The Collective Soul

Connecting people and growing culture of community that we’re willing to bring together. Offering entertainment nourished by our collective spirit to create experiences for our guests.

One of the dedicated form of our collective spirit that bonds with integrity is Art. From the space of Yazz Collective’s art-fed architecture to future exhibitions of FAAR Gallery where positioned at right here in the cove, we present contemporary art & culture to our guests.

Exclusively Inclusive

Activity is about diversions, self reflection and deep awareness of your place in the world. All of which represent different things to different people. For those that want to start their day with an unforgettable spa & wellness experience, Luxury spa days curated in the natural splendor is available at Yazz Collective. Followed by a well equipped  Gym  and yoga classess to ensure our guests needs.

Yazz SPA Massage

Wheter you want to spend your day at ease staring at the sea and mountains then you can joins us at Yazz Lounge where you can enjoy our trademark cocktails or a cup of coffee.

For others, those looking for something more, Yazz Collective offers myriad ways to connect with yourself and everything around you as evenings are brought to life by our resident DJ.

Yazz Collective - Logo

Only accessed by boat: Pınaraltı (Turunç Pınarı) Koyu / Fethiye / Muğla

36°36.800′ N – 29°3.200′ E

Yazz Collective


Yazz Collective

Only accessed by boat: Pınaraltı (Turunç Pınarı) Koyu / Fethiye / Muğla

36°36.800′ N – 29°3.200′ E

Phone: +90 (530) 277 92 99