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Settled on the lands that were once called Telmessos, Göcek-Fethiye has a historical background of more than 5000 years and is one of the most prominent summer destinations on the Turquoise Coast. Translated by some sources as “the land of lights”, Göcek-Fethiye is known to be one of the most beautiful natural harbors in Türkiye and is a true yachting paradise.

In a unique location where the crystal blue Mediterranean waters pour into the warmth of the Aegean Sea, Göcek-Fethiye area offers an array of opportunities and activities especially during summer months with an incredible air quality and soaked in sunshine for most part of the year.

Nestled within the untouched greenery of Pınaraltı Bay of Göcek-Fethiye – one of the most popular summer destinations for the globetrotters on the Turquoise Coast – Yazz Collective is a versatile eco-conscious oasis to enjoy a refined lifestyle under the sun.

Exclusively accessed by boat and completely distant from the chaos of the city, where emerald green meets crystal blue, Yazz Collective is a true hidden gem offering collective and bespoke experiences to host precious memories. With a timeless design surrounded by nature, it is a paradise on earth, a perfect hideaway to experience true relaxation enriched by luxurious touches.