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With a sustainable approach to the farm-to-table concept, Yazz Restaurant takes guests on a gastronomic journey led by Chef Mustafa Otar and marries local recipes with world-cuisine techniques. Signature dishes prepared with high-quality seasonal ingredients by local producers, paired with a large wine selection and expertly prepared cocktails come together on Yazz Restaurant tables, turning each meal into a feast for both the eye and the palate.


A brand new place to celebrate the art of gastronomy, Yazz Unplugged offers guests a private dining space and an authentic culinary adventure where seasonal local produce is prepared with traditional cooking methods, accompanied by mellow tunes chosen from Yazz’s unique collection played on vintage turntables for a truly unplugged experience. Nestled beneath the vibrant canopy of greenery, right beside the Unplugged kitchen is Yazz Craft Bar – a brand new mixology experience offering bespoke cocktails crafted to the guests’ liking with natural ingredients, homemade syrups, fresh garnishes from Yazz gardens and top quality liquor.


Yazz Collective launched its “Yazz Culinary Journeys” in Summer 2023 as a new gastronomy adventure. Estemeed Chefs and restaurants from all around the world are hosted by Yazz Collective’s Executive Chef Mustafa Otar for collaborative menu creations that take the guests on a culinary journey with exciting new flavors.

For its first session, Paris staple Les Enfants du Marché’s Michael Grosman and Chef Shunta Suzuki joined forces with Chef Mustafa Otar for a colorful menu with wine pairing, followed by a lively night of music and dancing.

Many more to come…