Paradise On Earth: Fethiye

Fethiye, the dream city that brings together natural beauties and historical riches… Sea, forest, river, mountain, canyon… A perfect city in every respect, it has also hosted different civilizations. There are footprints of a different civilization in every corner. It dazzles the eyes with its natural beauty. With its untouched forests, sea and nature, it offers a visual feast with a thousand and one shades of blue. Great beach and beaches…

Fethiye is an indispensable tourism city in the summer months. It is the center of attention of domestic and foreign tourists. Its doors are always open to its visitors with different holiday options. In addition to beach tourism, there are also important places for camping tourism. Those who come to Fethiye never regret. Even those who come to the city agree to come again. Fethiye, so to speak, is Turkey’s paradise…

Fethiye is one of the 13 districts of Muğla and is the largest. It has a population of about 160,000. In the summer, this figure approaches 1 million. Fethiye, which brings together the Aegean and the Mediterranean; It is a district of the Aegean adjacent to the Mediterranean. Mediterranean climate is seen in Fethiye. You can see many plants that best reflect the Mediterranean in Fethiye.

Where in Fethiye?

It is surrounded by Antalya in the east, Denizli in the north, and the Mediterranean Sea in the west and south.

Fethiye’s history

It is estimated that Fethiye was founded in 3000 BC. It is the ancient city of Telmessos as the place where it was founded. Fethiye came under the rule of Pergamon Kingdom, Rome, Byzantine Empire, Menteşeoğulları and finally the Ottoman Empire. The old name of the city is megri. It means distant land in Greek. With the proclamation of the Republic, its name was changed to Fethiye. The name of Fethi Bey, the first martyred pilot of the Republic, was given to Fethiye.

How to get to Fethiye?

For those arriving from afar, the nearest airport to Fethiye is 40 kilometers away. Dalaman Airport provides service for guests coming to Fethiye, and there are many bus services to Fethiye for those who prefer buses.

What to Eat in Fethiye?

A feast with local delicacies awaits you while you spend a wonderful time in Fethiye. It is quite ambitious with its food, nature and history… What to eat in Fethiye?

Babadağ keskek: Fethiye’s most famous dish, you can’t come to Fethiye and not eat it. Do not confuse this cake with others. It tastes great, you can garnish with cayenne pepper and black pepper. Babadağ keskek has a different feature from other keskeks. Lamb meat is used in pancakes. This adds a different flavor to the cake.

Sink pastry: Made in tray size, it pairs perfectly with cheese and tea. You can taste this pastry in many places in Fethiye.

Ölemeç soup: We recommend you to try a different taste from the important soups of conquest.

Hot Pot Roast: The favorite type of grass of Fethiye residents. You can fry it with olive oil and break eggs on it. It’s a super flavor, you can eat it with yogurt if you wish, it’s up to you to taste.

Asparagus and roasted yellow herb: It is one of the most demanded important foods in Fethiye. Tasting different flavors will enrich your taste buds. In addition, olive oil, crispy, eggplant and tomato bulgur pilaf are among the important dishes of Fethiye. There are quite a few restaurants for seafood.