Wellness holidays are becoming increasingly popular. No doubt about it, but why opt for a spa & wellness holiday instead of a stay on the beach or a tour of the major capitals? Whatever our personal preferences, a wellness holiday gives us the rest we deserve after a year of hard work and daily stress. Our model of life is based on constant progress, activity, work… the slow rhythms of the past are no more, and stress and anxiety at work have become today’s predicament. Often overwhelmed by the frenetic pace of our lives, our bodies crave rest, love and pampering. So it’s time to take a break and have some time for yourself. Here are 5 good reasons for a spa & wellness holiday!

1- Wellness Holiday Make You More Self-Aware

The quest for psychophysical well-being means above all that the body and mind communicate in the best possible way. With a professional massage, you will learn to recognise sensations of peace and deep relaxation through heat, cold, essences and contact. All this will lead you to a state of complete inner well-being. It will also reconcile you with your true nature and all that surrounds you.
With a Spa & Wellness holiday you will have the opportunity to learn a more correct lifestyle and new healthier rhythms for your body.
Putting yourself in the expert hands of a therapist is another way to learn to let your emotions flow freely.

2- Learn to Recognize and Use the Five Senses With Spa & Wellness Holiday

Today we are truly overwhelmed with information, stimuli, words, images. To deal with this real mental pollution, we need to find our psychophysical balance. We are like ships in the middle of the sea, we need an anchor to hold on to. It is our senses that reconnect us with reality and give us pleasant sensations.
A massage, an olfactory journey, a mud bath will not only be good for your health, it will also reduce stress by helping you to reconnect with your senses.

3- Massages Boost the Immune System

The massages you will receive during a week-long spa and wellness holiday dedicated to healthy living will stimulate the epidermis, which is rich in sensitive endings in close contact with the central nervous system. This stimulation will cause the body to produce beta-endorphins and other fighting substances.
This is why, during a perfectly executed massage, the heart rate slows down and the production of delta waves in the brain, which are mainly responsible for achieving a state of deep relaxation, increases.
The immune system is strengthened and less susceptible to disease!

4- Benefits of Jacuzzi

A break in the jacuzzi creates a feeling of well-being and relaxation. All the stress and fatigue accumulated during the working day disappears. It helps to restore psychophysical energy and can also be useful in the prevention and treatment of cellulite.

5- A Wellness Holiday is Good for The Kids Too

Seawater acts on the mucous membranes of the bronchial tubes, making the mucus more fluid. It has a beneficial effect in relieving the annoying problems of bronchitis, coughs and persistent phlegm that accumulate during the cold winter season.
Massage brings relaxation and balance to all ages, while a relaxing holiday in a place like Yazz Collective, surrounded by greenery and nature, will soothe even the most troubled soul!


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