Would you like to have an unforgettable holiday experience in the Turunç Pınarı region of Fethiye? Kayaköy farm hotel, where you can experience naturalness, quality, comfort and luxury together, has special experiences for you. As Yazz Collective, we offer you excellence by being at the top of the Fethiye boutique hotel list!

Our Fethiye boutique hotel concept brings together naturalness and quality that cannot be compared with other places, what do we have in our hotel? Comfortable rooms, a holiday experience intertwined with nature, and most importantly, the farm hotel concept. Thanks to the accommodation facilities located in a garden, we can fully meet the needs. Then take a closer look at the experience that means both vacationing in Fethiye and catching luxury!

One on One Experience with Nature

By integrating naturalness and quality, we highlight our desire to be among the best boutique hotels in Fethiye. We can say that you will have a wonderful experience against nature while swimming in our cool pool, which is reminiscent of the blue of the sea. You will have the chance to fully feel the naturalness in the forest-covered scenery of the high mountains surrounding Fethiye.

Fethiye boutique hotel

Concept Emphasizing Naturalness

Fethiye center boutique hotels usually present naturalness in a different way. However, Yazz Collective manages to stand out both with its location and the excellence it offers in its rooms. In our hotel, which has managed to integrate naturalness with luxury in its rooms, you will feel yourself in a corner of heaven as soon as you leave your room.

Yazz Boutique Hotel is Another with Tastes

A hotel that is among the most beautiful hotels in Fethiye and proves this with the satisfaction of its guests! It meets your needs in the best way while offering taste, comfort and much more. Moreover, it brings all the possibilities you need right in front of your feet! Natural flavors grown in the garden of Turunç Evi turn into a perfect recipe in the hands of our chef. All you have to do is open the door of a delicious and quality experience.