Fethiye’s Best Hotel: Yazz Collective’s Difference

Fethiye’s Best Hotel: Yazz Collective’s Difference

Located in the Fethiye region of Muğla, Yazz Collective is a place that is abstract from time, has its own character and structure, and has been declared the best hotel in Fethiye by many authorities. The difference of Yazz Collective, which reveals its own character regardless of trends, is hidden in its comfort and luxury.

Known as the best hotel in Fethiye, Yaz Collective is the number one choice for those looking for comfort, taste and a collective structure beyond a holiday. In this place, which attracts people with its magnificent nature and peace, another beauty of nature is experienced every hour of the day.

Best 5 Star Hotel in Fethiye

Yazz Collective, located in the Turunç Pınarı bay of Fethiye, covered with pine trees and accessible only by sea, has become an indispensable place for those who do not want to stay in touch with nature and give up the 5-star hotel concept.

In this place, which has established a concept entirely on naturalness, the kitchen part also favours naturalness. Yazz Collective, which gives importance to the taste with its dishes made from the most organic and delicious ingredients, is an elegant, unique and assertive yet effortless, spontaneous place where nature and comfort, sincerity and high-level service meet.

At the Forefront with its Cuisine

One of the most important features of this place is that it has outstanding examples of local, that is, Mediterranean cuisine. Yazz, which has menus featuring ‘slow food’ cooked in a stone oven, on an open fire and on embers for a long time, crowns its feature of being the best hotel in Fethiye in this respect.

Yazz, which combines sea-fed menus with magnificent service, is a candidate to bring together luxury and naturalness in service and to give you the most unforgettable summer vacation.

More Than a Hotel

Yazz Collective, which we can call the pearl of Fethiye for those who are looking for a good hotel during their summer vacation, offers you more than a 5-star hotel. Yazz, which is identified with nature and located among the unique places of the Mediterranean, promises you a lifestyle during the summer with its terrace and garden, spa, art gallery, Lounge, restaurant and beach in every room.
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Yazz Collective

Only accessed by boat: Pınaraltı (Turunç Pınarı) Koyu / Fethiye / Muğla

36°36.800′ N – 29°3.200′ E

Phone: +90 (530) 277 92 99