Gocek 5 Star Hotel: Yazz Collective

Do you want a peaceful holiday away from the noise of the city? Göcek is a small place in itself. Here you can experience the silence of your dreams and return home with a dream vacation. If you have experience about Göcek, if you have vacationed here or come here before, you already know that Göcek is one of the most preferred destinations in Turkey with its excellent coves, sails and boats.

Fethiye Göcek 5 star hotels are another one. Do not neglect Fethiye region while doing holiday research. Fethiye, which is among the most popular holiday resorts in Turkey, serves holidaymakers with its perfect natural beauties.


Fethiye, located 90 km east of Dalyan, is one of the leading tourism centers with its natural beauties and historical riches. The ancient city of Telmessos, which is thought to have been founded in Belen, near today’s Fethiye city in 3000 BC, was located on the Karia border of Lycia. Conquered by all civilizations, the city began to be called Anastasiuopolis in the 8th century AD, and Makri after the 9th century. Its name, which turned into Meğri in time, took its current name in memory of Fethi Bey, one of the first air martyrs whose plane crashed in 1913.