How is SPA Applied?

SPA entered our lives as the abbreviation of the Latin word “Salus Per Aqguam”. SPA literally means the comfort that comes with water. It aims to use the healing side of water to produce solutions against different ailments and also to gain aesthetics and beauty.

It is known that SPA, which dates back to the Roman period, was used to heal wounded soldiers during war periods. Roman empire soldiers were treated in giant baths. Then, in a center established in Belgium in the 14th century, the physical and mental treatments of war veterans were carried out. Then it spread to Europe and covered many therapies with the use of sea waters and hot springs. It developed with the method called hydrotherapy, which is to regain the functional losses of patients with the power of water. The SPA, which gives a name to aesthetic and beauty centers, has also managed to be included in the scope of thermal hotels and spas.

SPA Applied

How SPA is Applied?

SPA, which has just entered our lives in Turkey, is mostly applied in hotels. In particular, the SPA center, which provides service within the body of Çam Hotel, provides treatment opportunities with many different methods. Steam Bath: It is a type of massage that provides the removal of toxins by applying water steam to the human body. Swedish Bath: It is a massage applied to the waist, feet and arms. Thalasso: It is a therapy method using sea water. Salt Peeling: It is a type of massage that is applied by using thick pieces of salt and ensures the removal of dead cells in the human body. Aromatherapy: It is a relaxing and invigorating therapy method using different plants and flowers.

Spa at Summer Collective

Yazz, which is among the best hotels in Fethiye, is a 5-star facility that also offers spa services. It offers its guests an unforgettable holiday and peace with its SPA section.