Luxury, Nature, Health and Spa Holiday Experience at Yazz Collective

A luxury vacation is experienced in many different ways. Leave behind the worries of daily life, household chores and relax in a wonderful atmosphere! At Yazz Collective you will find nature, premium spa and wellness in one.

It is located in Turunc Pınarı, one of Fethiye’s iconic bays. Yazz Collective is the perfect place to say goodbye to stress and wake up each day breathing in the serenity of the morning.  Choosing Yazz Collective means soothing the soul in the pristine spiritual environment of Fethiye.

Start Your Day With an Unforgettable Spa & Wellness Experience

If you want to be in harmony with nature on your Spa Holiday but do not want to give up the charm of a luxury hotel, you are in the right place. You can meditate or practice yoga with magnificent surroundings of the mountains.

Magnificent Rooms to Feel at Home For Your Spa Holiday

At Yazz Collective the mix is perfect! The rooms are specially designed with views of nature in harmony with luxurious, comfortable and stylish furnishings.  Vibrant colours and nature, terraces overlooking the magnificent Fethiye with its nature. Once you come, you will miss like home!

Luxury hotels strive to please those seeking a luxurious experience. However, the way to ensure a more intimate and privileged atmosphere is not to impose it, but to gently immerse yourself in nature with the most sincere hospitality possible. You will be delighted to stay in these wonderful spaces that represent the charming spirit of the Yazz Collective.

Spend a Relaxing Day Admiring the Views of Sea and Mountains

In this hotel, intertwined with the unspoilt nature of Fethiye, you can recharge your energy  and take time out for yourself. You can sip a cold drink on the beach while admiring the priceless views of Fethiye’s surroundings.

 A Kitchen with a Mediterranean Inspiration

A holiday among the Mediterranean flavours of our cuisine and the unique aroma of a rare breakfast buffet served with great hospitality! Excellent food with a choice of menus. All dishes are prepared with fresh products of excellent quality, with a preference for local produce, carefully and passionately selected and prepared directly by our chef. A varied menu of Mediterranean dishes is offered, with room for customers who like natural or vegetarian food.

Refresh yourself with an ice-cream by the pool. Relax with a book on your terrace, caressed by the sea breeze. Discover gastronomic specialities reinvented by our chef’s imagination. Take advantage of the good weather to discover this magnificent bay.

At Yazz Collective, happiness is within your reach.


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