Places to visit in Fethiye

Fethiye, one of the most loved and sought-after regions of Muğla, embraces its guests with its unique nature and historical texture. With its icy waters flowing through the mountains, its coves and fields covered with a thousand and one shades of green, Fethiye looks like a nature feast. Fethiye, which is frequented by local and foreign tourists especially in the spring and summer months, hosts many activities. If you have started to wonder about places to visit in Fethiye, we can start to create our travel route.

Natural Places of Fethiye

butterfly valley

Butterfly Valley is one of the first places that come to mind when Fethiye is mentioned. There are more than 80 butterfly species in this valley, which is so famous for its uniqueness in nature that you will not find anywhere else in the world. You can do various activities such as swimming, walking, diving and boat tours in Butterfly Valley, one of the most tourist-friendly areas of Fethiye. Also, when you see the cleanliness of the beach, you fall in love with nature once again. After this valley, which you will not want to return without a boat tour, you can take a boat tour to different coves.


Undoubtedly, the most beautiful and youngest place in Fethiye is Ölüdeniz. When you come here, you can see hundreds of people around you who are engaged in different sports or enjoying the environment. If you have added Ölüdeniz to your list of places to visit in Fethiye and you do not have a fear of heights, you should definitely try paragliding. In the region where adrenaline peaks, there are diving and camping areas as well as many professional athletes.

Places to visit in Fethiye

Secret City

As its name suggests, Saklıkent, which is not crowded in Fethiye and will turn your head with its nature, is a source of complete peace. Since the sun does not touch the water flowing through the rocks, you can take a walk in this region, which you can call ice-cold, and swim in the cool waters.

Calis Beach

Calis Beach, where the words crowd and fun come together, is one of the busiest areas of Fethiye. There are restaurants serving until late at night around Calis Beach, which is a unique place for those who want to enjoy the sun and the sea. In this place, where you will try different flavors of world cuisine, you can have a lot of fun in the activities organized at night.
pumpkin dark
If you want to spend your holiday in a quiet place and are looking for modest areas in Fethiye, Kabak Bay is definitely one of the places you should visit. You can spend a quiet holiday away from people in this place where you will be completely in nature. Kabak Bay will take its place among the unforgettable with its sea between the rocks and green vegetation.

Fethiye Historical Places

While enjoying the nature, you can also see the historical places of Fethiye that shed light on ancient civilizations. These places, which are generally visited more frequently by foreign tourists, are considered sacred in different religions. Watching the historical regions that reveal the historical texture of Anatolia with a guide will give you a lot of money. If you want to see historical places in Fethiye, we recommend you to see these regions listed below.


Known as one of the oldest settlements in Fethiye, Kayaköy consists of houses built on the rocks. Kayaköy, which you can almost call a dead city, smells of history with its houses lined up on the slopes of the mountains. Also, if you are looking for a natural and historical place to watch the sunrise and sunset, you should see this place.
Telmessos Amphitheater
The Telmessos Amphitheater, dating from the Byzantine period, is known as the oldest theater in Turkey. It is known that in this theater, which was used as an arena in its period, the rulers appeared before the public and important encounters were also held. The natural structure of the region, where you will feel like you are in the Byzantine period when you sit on the stairs, is also worth seeing.

Likya way

If you like to travel and visit historical places, you can take the Lycian Way from various points of Fethiye and take a walk. This 555-kilometer-long road takes on a wonderful nature in spring. You can turn your holiday into a sport by taking nature walks from Fethiye Ovacık to Antalya.

Fethiye King Tombs

These tombs, which are dated to the 4th century BC, are also known as the Amintas Rock Tombs. The tombs, which reveal the sense of art of the period as well as being quite old in history, were made in the form of hollows on a mountain. It is also in a location where you can easily stop by as it is very close to Telmessos Amphitheater.
royal tombs