Turunc Pınarı Bay Features

Turunç Pınarı Bay is one of the bays of Fethiye full of natural beauties. The bay, which hosts Aegean and Mediterranean breezes, greets its visitors with its clean air among the greenery. Turunç Pınarı Bay got its name from the citrus trees around it. Access to the bay is limited and is usually provided by sea. It is possible to reach the tombs and ruins from the Lycian period by walking to the summit of Turunç Pınarı Bay, which is also suitable for tracking. The Bay continues to host its visitors with its restaurant, beach and water sports center where menus consisting of completely natural fruits, vegetables and meats are offered to its guests.

How to Go to Turunc Pınarı Bay?

In order to reach Turunç Bay, it is necessary to go to Fethiye district of Muğla province. However, transportation is done only by sea route. For this reason, it is possible to provide transportation by boat tours. Turunc Bay is reached by tours departing from Fethiye port.

Turunc Pınarı Bay

What to do in this bay?

Turunc Bay has a clean sea and a legendary beach. There are also sandy and stony areas within the beach. Most of the bay is filled with sun loungers. Visitors benefit from these sunbeds for a fee.

Yazz Collective at Turunç Pınarı Bay

In concluding our Turunç Pınarı Guide, it is not possible to mention Yazz Collective, the number one holiday destination in this region.

Yazz Collective is a unique hotel and restaurant located in Turunç Pınarı Bay. Yazz, which is identical with nature, has a Mediterranean theme and flavors and promises the most peaceful holiday you can experience, welcomes those who want to come to this region in the best way.