One of the most curious questions of people who will book a hotel for the first time is the question of what a suite is. Suite room, which have different features compared to other hotel room types, are some of the most popular room types, especially in hotels that stand out with their quality service.

The vast majority of hotels offer a range of services that will maximize their guests’ comfort and positively meet their expectations. Another issue that is as important as the variety of food in the restaurants of the hotel you have chosen and whether the activities in the hotel are suitable for you is whether the rooms of the hotel meet your needs.

Suite Room

What is a Suite Room?

Dining table in the suite room. Before answering the question of what a suite room means, it would be more accurate to mention the word meaning of the concept of suite. The concept of “suite”, which is used in the same sense in many different countries of the world, can be expressed as a large room in English.

Another meaning of the suite, which was brought to the literature from French, is the areas that carry sequence and continuity. When we look at the origin of this concept, we see “baroque architecture”, one of the most famous architectural movements in France.

This is the reason why the word “suit”, which is a term that expresses the room types used in hotel accommodation today, is called with this name. Because in the past, there were luxurious rooms with more equipped features than standard rooms in the palaces, which had the traces of baroque architecture, and these areas were called suites.

The suite rooms, which have a great contribution to their physical structure in return for their name, have a much larger area than standard rooms. In this sense, it would not be wrong to say that suite rooms are truly comfortable spaces.

Suit rooms can be diversified as junior, deluxe, king, senior suit and excutive suit according to their size.

The suites, which offer all the facilities to their guests during their stay, meet all the needs of the people staying because they carry the comfort of a home. So, what other features can the suites have?

After answering the question of what a suite room means, let’s talk about the features that make suites preferable…

Features of Suite Rooms

The features of the suite rooms distinguish them from the standard room types. But what are the features of the suite rooms?

Although the facilities offered to its guests differ for each hotel, it is possible to generalize the features of the suites as follows:

Accommodation opportunities offered in suite rooms are much more than standard rooms. Regardless of the suite option, suites are much more luxurious than a standard room.

For a room to be in the suite category, it must consist of two or more interconnected rooms. In addition, as in standard rooms, the toilet and bathroom are also located in the suite. In other words, a suite room is like an apartment where you can meet all your needs.

If you wish, you can relax in your bed, sit on the sofa and watch TV whenever you want, or you can prepare and eat something for yourself or your family in the kitchen.

Most of the suite rooms in the hotels have a special design. They are designed to offer guests maximum comfort.

Suite rooms differ in terms of their size and the facilities they provide. For this reason, hotels name the suites with different names so that their guests can choose their rooms more easily.

In order to better reflect the quality, care is taken to ensure that the furniture used in the majority of the suites is luxurious. Depending on the equipment of the hotel, the suite rooms have air conditioning, TV, refrigerator, iron and different furniture options.

The more facilities offered by the suite rooms cause a price difference between them and the standard rooms.

Suite rooms are not just places to sleep or relax during the day. Since they offer many different possibilities together, you can hold your meetings in the suites, work comfortably in the work area and enjoy the calmness.