We think that Turkey, a country rich in natural beauties, is one of the most important tourism centers of the world, which is a fact known by everyone. There are many different hotel options in our country in order to offer both domestic and foreign tourists the holiday comfort they expect. So what does , which is one of them, mean?

Resort Hotel

For almost everyone, a holiday is to get rid of the intense tempo and chaos of life, and to leave them in the arms of peace, joy and serenity. Therefore, when we go on vacation, we want to make the most of our limited time and live it to the fullest.

In Turkey, a country with a highly developed tourism sector, there are many different facilities that will more than meet your expectations from a short holiday. Resorts, boutique hotels or holiday hotels are only a small part of them.

If you’re planning a vacation soon and researching it, you’ve likely heard of many of the concepts we’re talking about.

If you want to make your choice in favor of resort hotels, but you need a comprehensive guide specially prepared for this subject, you can continue reading our content, which covers the question of what a resort hotel means in detail.

What Does a Resort Hotel Mean?

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We think that it is impossible for a person doing holiday and hotel research to not have heard of the concept of resort hotel. On the other hand, the number of those who cannot find a clear answer to the question of what a resort hotel means is quite high.

The concept of a resort hotel can be expressed as hotels with a high service capacity to meet all your needs and established in a very wide area. Resort hotels have many sections from shopping areas to entertainment centers, from care and beauty salons to restaurants, from organization halls to children’s playgrounds.

On the other hand, although it is thought that resort hotels are located in hot and close to the sea areas only for summer holidays, this is a wrong judgment. Because, in many different points of Turkey, numerous resort hotels that stand out with their quality continue to serve.

Promising to offer maximum comfort to their guests, resort hotels open the doors of a perfect and dreamlike holiday with the rich facilities they offer.

We answered the question of what is a resort hotel. If you want to have more detailed information about resort hotels, let’s briefly talk about the features of these comfortable hotels.

What are the Features of Resort Hotels?

Now you know what a resort hotel means. Of course, there are some reasons why resort hotels, which offer a comfortable holiday experience, are one of the indispensables of holiday tourism. Here are the features you need to know about resort hotels!

Accepted in Minimum 4 Star Category

It can be said that resort hotels are generally included in the hotel types in the 4 star and above 5 star categories. In other words, hotel staff working in administrative positions in resort hotels are experienced in hotel and hotel management.

Another important point for a hotel to be evaluated in the 4 star category is that it offers tastes from world cuisine as well as Turkish cuisine. Items such as indoor and outdoor swimming pools and indoor halls should also be considered as a 4-star hotel.

Accordingly, in order for a hotel to be considered a resort hotel, it must have all of these.

Meets All the Needs of Its Guests

Perhaps the most important feature of resort hotels, as we have mentioned before, is that they offer a versatile service. Thanks to the large areas inside the resort hotels, you don’t have to look for anything outside because you can meet all your needs in your hotel.

During the holidays you will spend at the resort hotels, you can have a pleasant time all day long, relax, do sports, eat, swim in the pool, get care; You can spend your time to the fullest.

Offers Maximum Comfort

Another feature of resort hotels is that they offer maximum comfort and high level service. When you encounter any problem, if you choose a quality hotel, your problem will be solved by the hotel staff as soon as possible.

Thus, at the end of your holiday, you will leave your hotel rested, fit and happy.