Differences in the preferences of guests and customers have revealed great differences in product marketing and entrepreneurial moves have also shown themselves in the travel industry. The 5 star hotel, which is an important move in this context, is an important type of hotel that has developed especially since the 1980s. This type of hotel, which has large organizations that can meet the changing expectations of guests ad customers, is a huge facility.

What is a 5 Star Hotel?

Hotels with a unique design, making their guests feel special, having a sincere service option, appealing to guest preferences with their modern style, having a large organization capacity and at the same time offering many services are called 5-star hotels.

It is very important that 5-star hotels are compatible with their environment. Since the service should be about making you feel special, the types of services offered at the hotel have been chosen accordingly.

What are the features of a 5 star hotel?

There must be at least 120 rooms.
There should be 24-hour room service.
The service should have superior features in terms of decoration, equipment, installation, structure and layout.
In the rooms; umbrella, bedside lighting switch, full-length mirror, socket, dental cleaning kit, disposable slippers, bathrobe, sewing kit, shoe wiper, shoe polish, make-up removal cotton, shower foam, box of tissue paper are indispensable.
There should be male and female hairdressers in the hotel.
There should be a telephone connected to the reception from the floor corridors.
There should be a telephone connected to the reception from the bathrooms.
There must be a male and female hairdresser.
Not less than six rooms, at least 5% of the room width must be a non-smoking room layout.
If there is more than one floor to go up and down, there should be a customer elevator proportional to the capacity.
Covered parking and garage are mandatory. In addition, there must be people who will work 24 hours a day in these departments.
It should be a second class a la carte restaurant.
Customer relations and consultancy services should be provided in a separate place from the reception, accompanied by experienced and trained personnel.
Rooms are required to have free internet, video player and television.