What is SPA? What are the Features?

Today, SPA centers, the importance of which is understood day by day, has started to be one of the places that attract a lot of attention. People who are in the process of mental and physical recovery usually prefer SPA centers where therapies are available. In addition to hydrotherapy, massage and therapies are also applied in SPA centers. SPA treatments are the application of not only water, but also natural and healing stones, aromatic oils and accompanying professional massage techniques. SPA centers apply massage and techniques suitable for your needs.

SPA treatments consist of many treatment supporters. Cellulite treatment, skin care or stress relief massages are examples. What exactly is a SPA? SPA, massage and treatments are some of the applications that allow you to get away from the stress of the day, revitalize and relax. It is possible to benefit from all kinds of therapy techniques such as anti-cellulite treatment, facial and skin care and cleaning with SPA. As in the whole world, the number of SPA centers is increasing in our country. SPA treatments and massages seem to be among the most popular treatments for a long time. So what does SPA mean?


SPA consists of the initials of words of Latin origin. The word “Selus Per Aqua”, that is, SPA, means “Health from Water”. Dating back to the Roman Empire, this term refers to therapy and massages with water and accompanying oils and stones. It provides the physical and mental care that the individual needs. SPA centers, whose main purpose is healing, have various applications. However, the starting point is the baths, where soldiers returning from the war are treated to regain their health. First of all, with its spread to Europe, changes began to show itself according to cultures. “What does SPA mean?” Apart from the word meaning of the problem, the main theme of the SPA culture is the treatment with water called hydrotherapy.


The benefits of SPA are endless. It includes methods that provide many benefits both spiritually and physically. While the methods applied in SPA therapies combine with the ambiance of the environment and provide relaxing effects on your soul, your body will find the healing it seeks with aroma therapies and massage techniques. There are different massages and methods used in the SPA. You can decide on the techniques based on your body’s needs or your expectations. Aromatherapy oils and salt types used during the massage restructure your skin and give it a fresh look. Massage oils are excellent for rejuvenating your body. So, what is a SPA center? Places where hydrotherapy is applied are called SPA centers. The SPA offered by SPA centers has many benefits.


It helps regulate blood circulation.
It is one of the fastest methods applied to remove toxins from the body.
It supports the regular functioning of the digestive system.
It has a role in the healing of rheumatic diseases.
It allows the muscles to soften and relax. It helps to relieve tired and stiff muscle spasms after heavy sports training.
It helps the body to regain its dynamism.
It helps to eliminate factors such as mental fatigue and stress. It eliminates the negative effects of daily tempo on the nervous system.
It takes the excess electricity loaded on the body and provides relaxation.
If you are experiencing tension at night or having sleep problems, it eliminates these problems with its healing effect.
It creates visible differences in body shape, removal of cellulite and beautification.