Ölüdeniz is a town in the Fethiye district of Muğla. Oludeniz beaches were chosen as the most beautiful beach in the world in 2006 with 82% of votes. The district is quite developed in terms of tourism. It is defined as the land of light and sun in the Lycians, and distant lands in the Middle Ages. It is located on the Teke peninsula in the southwest of Anatolia. It is one of the abalone lagoon formations in Turkey.]



Ölüdeniz, as the name suggests, is a stagnant lake. While waves form on the shores of Belceğiz on the most stormy days, there is only a little fluctuation in Ölüdeniz. However, Oludeniz, which seems to be stagnant, renews itself almost every day for three invisible reasons. The first of these is the intense spring water outlets located here. At the bottom, it creates a current from the outlet towards the Mediterranean. Secondly, there is a continuous circulation in the open sea due to the salt difference created by these natural waters. The third reason is that the sea rises an average of half a meter every two or three days due to the tidal effect.


The name Belcekiz is also based on a legend. In the past, ships passing here were anchored in the open and brought to the shore with the help of boats to get drinking water. One day, when the little son of an old captain goes to the bay to get water, he sees the beautiful Belcekiz. He gets shot when he sees this.
It’s like a fire in the girl’s heart. However, the young man has to take the water and go. The ship moves away and goes. Belcekiz, on the other hand, watches the beach, the man she always loved. The young man comes here to get water every time he comes. This is how they meet and stay together.

After a while, a storm breaks out as the ship passes here. The young man tells his father that there is a sheltered, pool-like cove here. The old captain knows his son’s pain. He thinks that his son will risk breaking the ship for the sake of seeing the girl he loves. It grows in the fight with the waves. Just as the ship is about to hit the rocks, the captain throws his son into the sea with a stroke of the oar.

Meanwhile, the sea turns and enters a cove like a sheet. The boy dies. Belcekiz, who is waiting for her loved one on the rocks, dies by throwing herself from the rocks. Since that day, the place where the girl died is called Belcekiz, and the place where the boy died is called Ölüdeniz. The sea, whose color changes according to the progress of the day, may be on for a girl or a boy.