Where Does the Name Gocek Come From?

Where Does the Name Gocek Come From?


Although there are many rumors on this subject, we can say that the most prestigious one is closely related to the word migration. This concept of migration refers to the migration of people living in the region to the highlands. When the weather started to warm up, mass migrations were made to the highlands. Prior to this highly organized migration, when the preparations were completed, it was said, let’s migrate, and migration was started. The name Gocek comes from here.

In addition to this assumption, köçeten, buried bay etc. there is none. It is said that its name comes from the concepts.

Gocek History

Göcek’s history dates back to ancient times, as Göcek is a place that has witnessed the settlement of people since ancient times. B.C. There are still ruins from the ancient period in this region, which was used by the Lycians in the 1400s, that is, in the ancient period. However, since the exact location of the settlement could not be determined, excavations could not be carried out. Göcek, which is located between the settlements of Dalyan and Fethiye, which is also included in mythology, has always managed to be the center of attention of human beings with its natural beauties.

The presence of 3 different ancient cities on the Kapıdağ peninsula, which can be reached by boat from Göcek, shows how much this region is admired.


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