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Fethiye district of Muğla is one of the most important tourist centres in Turkey. The hotels in Fethiye are both nationally and internationally known and well-known brands. Among these hotels, Yazz Collective stands out with its brand, quality, structure and fascinating atmosphere. This place, which has been the most popular among the 5 Star Fethiye Hotel concepts for a while, continues to fascinate its visitors.

Those who search for 5 Star Fethiye Hotels want to make their reservations before the summer season arrives. Those who want to take part in the unique nature and impressive atmosphere of Fethiye want to make a reservation here. Yazz Collective is also completing its preparations before the new season arrives.

Yazz Collective Features

Yazz Collective is one of the most popular hotels in Fethiye. Located in a mysterious and untouched bay that can only be reached by sea, this hotel has become the star of its region with its two restaurants, a beach and spacious rooms.

You will find comfort, taste, peace and style in this hotel where you will experience a Mediterranean summer in every aspect. Located in a wonderful atmosphere covered with trees, this hotel reveals a concept, a lifestyle where you will literally forget the flow of time, surrender yourself

Enjoy Mediterranean Food

Yazz Collective is also very assertive in its kitchen. In this hotel, which has 2 restaurants, there are kitchens where you can taste the concept of a 5-star hotel until the end. The cuisine of the hotel, which leaves a unique taste on the palate with a different variety every hour and every day, has a Mediterranean concept. Yazz Collective, which promises you a unique taste experience with its unique design dishes cooked by private chefs, welcomes you from the local cuisine of Fethiye to all the regional flavours of the Mediterranean, Turkish or World Cuisine, with assertive varieties in all its menus.

In the kitchen;

  • Vegetarian dishes
  • Mediterranean salads
  • Meat dishes

Making a difference with its fish dishes, Yazz Collective aims for the same quality in every menu.

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Yazz Collective

Only accessed by boat: Pınaraltı (Turunç Pınarı) Koyu / Fethiye / Muğla

36°36.800′ N – 29°3.200′ E

Phone: +90 (530) 277 92 99