Yazz Collective Hotel: Suite Rooms Where Comfort and Luxury Meet

Yazz Collective Hotel: Suite Rooms

Yazz Collective Hotel, located in the unique Turunç Pınarı region of Fethiye. Welcomes its guests with exclusive Comfort Suite rooms that offer an unforgettable accommodation experience. The seven meticulously designed Comfort Suites boast spacious areas ranging from 52 to 63 square metres and unique features.

Suite Rooms Concept: Private Spaces in Nature

The suites at Yazz Collective Hotel offer guests an elegant combination of modern design and luxury. Each suite is bright and spacious, with large windows offering unique views of nature. The natural colour palette adds a soothing warmth to the rooms, while carefully selected furniture and decorative details enhance your comfort.

Private Garden and Outdoor Showers: An Experience Integrated with Nature

Comfort Suite rooms have a private garden area. Guests can enjoy the sun and nature in this private space. Also equipped with outdoor showers, these gardens offer a unique experience that makes guests feel in the arms of nature. Sun loungers offer the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of the room in the open air.

Suite Rooms Details: Comfort and Functionality

Each comfort suite features exclusive details that combine comfort and functionality. Seating arrangements, a spacious work desk, private sitting areas and an inviting bedroom provide guests with the comforts of home. Equipped with the latest technology, the suites also feature wireless internet, flat-screen TVs and private air-conditioning.,

Delicious Moments Special Service and Dining Areas

Yazz Collective Hotel offers intimate suites with private service facilities. Breakfast and dinner are served in private gardens, allowing guests to enjoy the sea and nature. In addition, the hotel’s restaurants offer special menus selected from delicious local and international cuisine.

Yazz Collective Hotel Comfort Suite Rooms

The Comfort Suite Rooms of Yazz Collective Hotel offer a comfortable accommodation experience integrated with the magnificent natural beauties of Turunc Spring. In these special rooms, where every detail is carefully considered, guests will enjoy an unforgettable holiday and have the opportunity to enjoy luxury and tranquility to the fullest.