Yazz Collective: The Best Fethiye Restaurant

In Fethiye, where hundreds of thousands of tourists flock every year, a great eating and drinking culture has also emerged. This culture is crowned with restaurants in the region. While a new one is joining the list of Fethiye restaurants every day, Yazz Collective brand has come to the fore as the Best Fethiye Restaurant in Turunç Bay for a long time.

Yazz is mentioned as the best Fethiye Restaurant for many reasons. Among these reasons are the use of the freshest foods, the preference of special marinade methods and the availability of foods prepared with special sauces in Yazz Collective cuisine, where Mediterranean breezes dominate.

Best Fethiye Restaurant


Welcoming distinguished guests in untouched nature, Yazz Collective brings exclusive menus to your table.

Yazz Collective, which is particularly assertive in fish menus, is the leader among the places where you can eat the freshest fish.

Combining its distinguished menus with wonderful drinks, Yazz truly enchants those who seek taste. Click on the link below to reserve your place in this place, which can only be reached by boat.