Exercise on Holiday: Yazz Collective Hotel Experience

Exercise on Holiday
What really relaxes you? Spending an evening with friends, not setting the alarm in the morning and having a nice breakfast? Exercise on holiday? Doing yoga on the beach and enjoying the sunset, or going for a run or weight training while everyone else is still asleep?   

Yazz Collective Hotel has it all! 

Perfect Choice for Exercise on Holiday   

Yazz Collective Hotel is the ideal destination for sports and nature lovers. This unique hotel in the middle of nature offers its guests an energetic holiday and at the same time allows them to create unforgettable memories by combining healthy living and sport.    

The location of the hotel, right next to the beach and in a wooded area, promises guests a holiday in touch with nature. In the mornings you can take a walk on the beach to the sound of birdsong, go jogging in the woods or start your day energetically with yoga. Yazz Collective Hotel also offers its guests indoor sports facilities with a modern gym. 

Exercise on Holiday in a Full Equipped Gym   

Yazz Collective offers guests the opportunity to work out in a fully equipped gym with a personal trainer. You can maintain and even improve your fitness during your holiday. Professional trainers will help you achieve your goals by creating a personalised exercise programme. 

Start Your Day With Yoga    

Join Yazz Collective’s morning yoga classes to energise and mentally prepare for your day. Led by expert instructors, these classes take place outdoors in a unique atmosphere. Yoga with the sounds of nature will make your holiday even more special. 

Pamper Your Body and Soul with an Outdoor Spa    

Yazz Collective Hotel offers guests an outdoor spa. Pamper yourself with specialised massages and facials performed by expert Balinese therapists. This unique spa experience is the perfect way to revitalise your body and relax your mind. 

Reserve now to enjoy sports on your holiday and experience the unique experience of Yazz Collective Hotel!