Sun and Yoga on Vacation: Nature’s Hospitality

The connection between the sun and yoga is known from ancient Indian scriptures passed down from generation to generation. Daily life is full of tension and stress. We talk about it a lot today, but always with an alarming superficiality. A stressful life that is considered normal is a dangerous concept. Because modern people, far from the influence of nature and its beneficial rhythms, have literally changed their internal rhythm dictated by the nervous and endocrine systems. 

The sun salutation in yoga is a well-defined sequence that has this power. It is therefore an effective remedy for all kinds of anxiety. How about doing the yoga sun salutation in nature?  Yazz Collective offers you everything you need for a peaceful vacation with its beautiful nature, location away from the city, comfortable areas, spa and wellness center. 

Yoga at Dawn and Dusk at Yazz Collective  

Yazz Collective has designed a yoga space to enhance the well-being of its guests.  Close your eyes and transport yourself to the seaside, your feet touching the sand and the morning sun warming your skin. It’s time to quiet your thoughts and give yourself time to be. 

Sun and Yoga Weekend at Yazz Collective  

The Yazz Collective family knows how much everyday life can distract you from what really matters. That’s why they invite you to an amazing weekend of relaxation, focus and physical fitness. 

Sun Salutation While Looking at the Toros Mountains  

 Have you ever tried sun salutations? It is one of the basic practices of yoga and consists of various positions on the ground and standing.  Practicing yoga in an area surrounded by sea, mountains and greenery is a unique experience. 

Yoga for the Whole Family at Yazz Collective  

 One of the first things you learn from practicing yoga is that it is for everyone and that everyone should go at their own pace, listening to their own body.  Based on this principle, you can practice yoga at Yazz Collective and enjoy all the activities as a family. You can come with your family to this magnificent nature that you can only reach by boat in Turunç Pınarı in Fethiye. 


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