Fethiye Turunç Pınarı : Nature Holiday without Giving Up Comfort 

Mountains, the sea or…  the hills? Would you like to spend your summer holiday in touch with nature? You can have all the experiences you dream of with Yazz Collective at Fethiye Turunç Pınarı. Just choose the perfect date to spend your most precious time in the most beautiful season! 

Discover the experiences selected for you to explore the natural beauty of Fethiye Turunç Pınarı and be fascinated by the wonders that surround. 

Hiking in Fethiye Turunç Pınarı

You reach Fethiye Turunc Spring by boat. Even in the summer, this untouched and unspoilt place deserves to be discovered as a walking paradise. Yazz Collective staff will give you detailed information and advice about the area. Once you have chosen your route, you can start exploring. After enjoying the natural beauty of the area, moments of tranquillity on your private terrace will add a refreshing touch to your holiday. 


Healthy Weekend at Yazz Collective in Fethiye 

Yazz Collective surrounded by silence and a magnificent landscape! Stop here, relax and take a deep breath. In Turunc Spring, Fethiye, Yazz Collective opens its doors to you and offers a wellness programme that revitalises the mind, body and soul. Between spa, yoga and meditation activities, you will have the opportunity to reconnect with yourself and rediscover the value and importance of taking time out. 

Peaceful Accommodation 

Yazz Collective’s magnificent Mediterranean landscape, spectacular mountains and the scent of aromatic herbs gently wafting into your room. A slow awakening at Yazz Collective, framed by a rural landscape that deserves to be experienced in a tranquil way.    

And to immerse yourself in the true spirit of nature, enjoy a menu created by Mustafa Otar Chef, who interprets local Mediterranean cuisine in the hotel’s restaurant. 


Nature Holiday in The Mediterranean Mountains 

A holiday immersed in the tranquillity of the countryside and the green Mediterranean mountains? You can experience this if you choose to stay at Yazz Collective in Fethiye Turunç Pınarı.Here your days will be framed by a thought-provoking landscape and a real contact with nature in all its dimensions. The hotel believes that plants, animals and people are all connected and offers you a week of colours and scents.    

What would you say if I told you that you could make your experience even more special by staying in a completely hidden cove? Spa, meditation, sea, sand during the day, starlight in the evening and the wonderful sounds of animals in the forest will accompany you. 

Yoga in Fethiye 

Did you know that Fethiye is not just about the sea and social life? In order to fully understand the most hidden veins of a town rich in history and natural beauty, Yazz Collective will ensure that you spend your holiday with unusual experiences in touch with nature. We believe that what remains at the end of a holiday or a trip are the best memories, linked to the people met and the experiences lived.   

Relaxing on the long golden sandy beach, under the umbrellas and deckchairs, listening to the sound of the sea and taking a yoga class are holistic moments. At the hotel, you can complete your stay by immersing yourself in spa rituals, where it will be possible to disconnect from everyday life and look at your true essence. 



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