Hotel Room Types : Different Accommodation Options at Yazz Collective Hotel 

Hotel Room Types

There are hotel room types with different names and different options. However, it is possible to classify hotel room types in general. At Yazz Collective Hotel we know that every guest is different and has special preferences when it comes to accommodation. Some guests may want more space, others may prefer privacy and tranquility. Some may prefer a simple stay, while others may prefer to spend time in their suite with a large Jacuzzi. That is why we have different types of hotel rooms to meet the needs and preferences of our guests.

First, let’s look at the most common types of hotel rooms. Then we will talk about Yazz Collective Hotel rooms. This way, you will easily find a room that meets your expectations when choosing a hotel room.

What are the Most Common Hotel Room Types?

Hotel room types can vary depending on the size and location of the hotel and the expectations of the customers. However, there are some common types of hotel rooms found in most hotels: 

Single Room     

A single room is a small room with a single bed that can accommodate only one person. This type of room is usually suitable for solo or business travelers and those who need a comfortable place to relax. 

Double room with twin beds   

This hotel room type is a room with two single beds that can accommodate two people. This hotel room type is usually suitable for friends or colleagues traveling together. 

Double Room    

A double room is a room with a double bed that sleeps two people and is usually suitable for couples or single travelers who need more space than a single room.  

Hotel Room Types: Standard Room

A standard room is a simple room with basic amenities such as a bed, bathroom and television. This room type is perfect for the budget-conscious traveler. 

Hotel Room Types: Apartment

An apartment is a room with a kitchenette, bedroom and living area in one open space. This type of room is usually preferred by guests who are staying for a longer period of time or who prefer to cook for themselves.    

Suite Romms

A suite is a larger room with a separate living area, bedroom and bathroom. This room type is for guests who want more space, privacy and luxury. Not just a bed to sleep in, but an experience to live. 

Hotel Room Types: Private Villa

A villa is a separate house with several bedrooms, bathrooms and living areas. Families or groups of friends traveling together are the most common guests of this type of accommodation. 

Yazz Collective Hotel Room Types 

Yazz Collective Hotel is located in a hidden paradise in Turunc Pinar, one of the unique beauties of Fethiye. The hotel offers a concept that embraces nature but also emphasizes luxury. Promising an unforgettable experience to its guests, Yazz Collective welcomes its guests with comfortable and stylish accommodations. Here are Yazz Collective Hotel room types! 


Deluxe Rooms   

Hotel Room Types

The Deluxe Rooms of Yazz Collective Hotel offer a private garden with a large area of 34 square meters. In these rooms, you can maximize your comfort with an open seating area. 


Junior Suites 

Hotel Room Types

Six Junior Suites, ranging in size from 46 to 50 square meters, offer guests a unique experience. Overlooking the garden, these suites feature an outdoor seating area and sunbeds.  


Comfort Suites   

Yazz Collective Hotel: Suite Rooms

Yazz Collective hotel room types include seven Comfort Suites, ranging in size from 52 to 63 square meters, offering guests the comforts of home. Each suite has a private garden and is equipped with outdoor showers, seating and sun loungers.

Homemade Aromatherapy and Other Amenities    

Homemade aromatherapy toiletries in the rooms help guests relax and pamper themselves. A terrace, baby cribs, and yoga mats are also available upon request. Pets under 11 kg are allowed in all rooms. 


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