Luxury Wellness Holiday in Turkey 

Taking time to relax is an absolute must. If you want to splurge and pamper yourself on a luxury wellness holiday, we recommend a fantastic hotel. Welcome to a world of serenity and regeneration, where luxury and wellness are seamlessly blended. In this enchanting place, every detail has been carefully chosen to enhance your wellbeing. From the spectacular natural landscapes to the impeccable spa, everything offers an oasis of tranquillity. At Yazz Collective, you will rediscover yourself and immerse yourself in the healing atmosphere of magnificent nature. The wellness hotel invites you to restore harmony, embrace self-care and embark on an unforgettable wellness holiday. 

Luxury Wellness Holiday in Fethiye 

Yazz Collective, a prestigious luxury wellness hotel located in Fethiye, is nestled in the natural splendour in the unspoilt bay of Turunc Pınarı. This extraordinary holiday destination is only accessible by sea from Fethiye. The hotel offers guests an immersive experience that encourages discovery and personal growth. 

The hotel’s spa, yoga and meditation activities allow you to balance your body and mind. Take part in early morning yoga sessions to feel the awakening of nature and calm your mind with meditation. The spa experience helps you find inner peace while pampering your body. 


Explore Authentic Cuisine



Yazz Collective also places great emphasis on nutrition, one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. The meals served at the hotel are prepared with completely organic ingredients. The freshest and purest products of the region are carefully blended by the hands of the experienced chef. Every bite is the privilege of tasting the gifts of nature. 

Yazz Collective is not just a place to stay, it is a way of life. Once you visit, you will want to come back for every holiday. If you want to be reborn in a place where luxury and nature embrace, Yazz Collective is waiting for you in Fethiye. Here your body will rest, your soul will be revitalised and all the beauties of nature will become part of your inner journey. 



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