Slow Food Hotels: The Cuisine of Yazz Collective

Slow Food aims to change the food paradigm, especially in hotels. It marks a change around the world and contributes to the development of local products and producers. Even when you are on holiday, Yazz Collective understands the importance of the daily diet recommended by nutritionists for its clients. Slow Food offers you delicious meals on holiday without compromising your diet. 

 Yazz Collective and Slow Food  

Yazz Collective offers an inviting menu that tells the story of the region and is accompanied by nature. As you know, hotels and restaurants play a central role in promoting the local economy and educating people about food and tastes. Yazz Collective starts with this approach for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even snacks. 

The Cuisine of Yazz Collective 

Slow Food Yazz Collective

  1. Gastronomic: The cuisine of the Yazz Collective is prepared with quality raw materials, handled with care and professionalism. 
  2. Local: Slow Food offers a journey to discover local ingredients and producers. Raw materials are sourced from local people and producers.   
  3. Nutrition: Restores balance to all meals. 
  4. Healthy: It brings Mediterranean cuisine to your table with naturally grown, completely local products, without preservatives and other unhealthy additives. 
  5. Seasonal: The products offered respect the cycles of nature to guarantee the original flavours and full nutritional power that distinguish them. 
  6. Economic: Slow food impacts directly benefit the local economy. 
  7. Environmental: Products are seasonal. 

Taste the dishes at Yazz Collective, get to know the food on offer and its origins. But that’s not all: by learning, tourists have the opportunity to get to know the gastronomic traditions that characterise the region, with traditions passed down from generation to generation. 

Yazz Collective Hotel is not just a hotel, it is a lifestyle. Here, time slows down and you have the opportunity to get in touch with nature.  It is an ideal place to discover inner peace. If you are looking for an eco-friendly, comfortable, luxurious holiday experience with a slow food kitchen, contact us! 


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