Sustainable Holidays: Yazz Collective

Are you passionate about travel and nature? It is possible to combine them: it is called naturalistic tourism. Sustainable holidays have been around for a long time, but in recent years they have regained fame and popularity among green tourism enthusiasts. 

Sustainable Holidays: Nature Tourism is Popular 

Tourism has always been synonymous with holidays, rest, time for yourself and fun. Often, however, even travelling or visiting new places can be a stressful or chaotic experience, where you never really get away from the big city lifestyle and the rhythms of a normal working day. Thanks to nature tourism, it is much easier to truly dedicate yourself to your own wellbeing and that of your loved ones, respecting above all the rhythms of nature.  

Get in tune with yourself with a sustainable holiday: only by listening will you be able to rediscover harmony. 


Organic, plastic-free menus and intelligent energy saving are some of the cornerstones of eco-tourism. The aim is to protect the environment by allowing tourists to admire unspoilt parts of nature with the utmost respect.  

Nature tourism is increasingly appreciated and practised by lovers of adventure tourism. This is because nature is an ideal place for authentic, engaging and extremely healthy experiences. 

Local Dishes  

The choice of where to stay and the options available to you can make all the difference. The first thing to consider is the food. Sustainable cuisine, as plant-based and local as possible, is always preferable. On the other hand, you should be very careful about waste: going to restaurants or hotels with buffet packages often means participating in large scale food consumption. While having a wide variety and abundance of food at our fingertips may seem like a luxury we enjoy on holiday, it leads to an inevitable waste of food and resources that is extremely damaging to the environment. 


Sustainable Holidays with Yazz Collective  

Freedom to explore, freedom to move, freedom to have adventures in places that are not “trendy” but have so much wonder to offer… Those who experience a holiday with Yazz Collective return at least once a year. Yazz Collective is located in an unspoilt, completely hidden cove. Surrounded by mountains and overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.  With its eco-conscious approach, you will experience this paradise in its purest form with a touch of luxury. Specially designed without disturbing the natural splendour. It is a simple and comfortable hotel that reflects the spirit of nature.  

Yazz Collective’s cuisine is also inspired by nature. Mediterranean cuisine dominates, bringing completely organic and local flavours to the table with modern touches. 



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