At a time when sustainability is more important than ever, an eco-friendly vacation is the best choice. You can minimize your carbon footprint by traveling by train or supplementing your local accommodation with an eco-friendly vacation. When your destination is Yazz Collective Hotel, you are guaranteed a comfortable and eco-friendly vacation. Let’s take a closer look at 5 tips to help you plan the best eco vacation. 


1- Choose Eco-Friendly Accommodations    

Choosing accommodations with a focus on sustainability is a great way to start your eco-friendly vacation. Look for hotels or resorts that use renewable energy, recycling practices, and water conservation methods. Staying at a Yazz Collective Hotel is beneficial because you can relax without worrying about your impact on the environment, while supporting efforts to protect it. 


2- Sustainable Travel 

When planning your vacation, you may not realize that transportation is a significant contributor to your carbon footprint. But there are steps you can take to reduce your impact. For example, if you have the time, consider taking the train instead of flying. It may take a little longer, but it’s often more beautiful and has a smaller carbon footprint. Yazz Collective Hotel is located in a hidden cove in Turunc Pınarı, Fethiye. To get here, you only need to use the local boats from the sea. This is a good start for an eco-friendly vacation.   


3- Support Local Communities for Eco-Friendly Vacation  

When planning an eco vacation, consider how you can support the local community. Supporting the community’s economy by participating in tours and activities led by local guides offers unique experiences. You can enrich your trip by interacting with local people and learning about their culture, traditions and lifestyle.    

In addition to supporting local tours and activities, you can also purchase souvenirs from local artisans. Not only do souvenirs make great gifts, but they also support the livelihood of local artisans. Contribute to sustainable tourism practices 


4- Respect for Nature and Wildlife for Eco-Friendly Vacation

When visiting natural areas, it is important to follow the “Leave No Trace” rule. This means avoiding any physical or environmental impact on the area. Stay on designated trails to protect native plants and animals. If you stray from the trail, you may damage sensitive plants that take a long time to recover and regenerate. Keep a safe distance from native animals and do not feed them. In addition, some human foods can be harmful or even deadly to some animals. Responsible stewardship can help preserve the delicate balance of natural ecosystems for future generations. 


5- Adopt a Sustainable Lifestyle 

You should always practice sustainable habits while traveling. By choosing eco-friendly sunscreens and personal care products, you can significantly reduce the presence of chemicals and pollutants in the surrounding water and soil. Choose products with natural and biodegradable ingredients or recyclable packaging. These conscious choices will help minimize waste and pollution and improve your environment. 

Eco-friendly vacations offer a unique opportunity to explore the world in a responsible way. By choosing eco-friendly accommodations at Yazz Collective Hotel and adopting a sustainable lifestyle, you can experience a vacation that is both satisfying for you and beneficial for the planet. 


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