Nature vacation is a great way to treat your body and mind and makes you feel happy. A walk in forest, an afternoon by the sea or a few minutes of relaxation in the hills awakens an inner sense of clarity and relaxation. 

The benefits of nature strengthen not only our physical health, but also our mental health. In this article we talk about the benefits of nature vacation at Yazz Collective Hotel, which has everything you can imagine in the middle of nature. 


Nature Vacation with Yazz Collective Hotel    

Taking a vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is a great escape for all of us. However, especially during the summer months, crowded resorts or luxury hotels can make you long to return home. Queuing for food, waking up early to grab a sun lounger, running from one place to another with the kids make this a vacation that has to end. At this point we invite you to Yazz Collective Hotel, which is completely in the nature, but at the same time comfortable and luxurious.   


Benefits Of Nature Vacation   


Figths Stress and Improves Mood

Walking in the woods reduces the risk of anxiety and depression. The color green has a calming effect on the brain and has a positive effect on the control of negative emotions and aggression. Contact with nature provides relief from daily stress, not only in terms of better air quality and the absence of city noise, but also in terms of optimal temperature. The scent of leaves, tree trunks and soil stimulates positive memories and emotions. 


Nature Vacation Increase Creativity

A few days in nature can help stimulate creative thinking and imagination in both children and adults. The silence of nature helps to solve problems.   


Nature Vacation Increase Alertness

Connecting with nature improves memory, concentration and learning. Today’s society is bombarded with a myriad of information, color and noise every day, which leads to a decrease in overall attention. Immersing yourself in nature for a few days also helps to increase your concentration rate.   



In Japan, there is a traditional practice called Shinrin-yoku, or multisensory immersion in the forest. This is not a simple physical exercise or walk. Rather, it means taking a moment to reconnect with your environment using all of your senses. Listening to the sounds of the forest, inhaling its scents, observing its sounds, and getting closer to the soil and plants. This is what a nature vacation is all about, the easiest way to make yourself happy.


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